Beko 60cm Fully Integrated Dishwasher

Model: BDI1420GTIN: 8690842524301

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The Beko 60cm Fully Integrated Dishwasher is a top-performing appliance that offers outstanding functionality. With a 14 place setting capacity, it provides ample space for all your dishwashing needs. This dishwasher is equipped with advanced features to deliver exceptional cleaning results. The Hygiene Intense function ensures thorough cleaning and sanitation, leaving your dishes pristine and germ-free. The Steam Gloss function adds an extra touch of brilliance, making your dishes sparkle and shine, while the ProSmart Inverter Motor in this dishwasher operates quietly and efficiently, minimizing noise disruption in your kitchen while maximizing energy efficiency. Additionally, the Fast+ program allows for quick cleaning when you're pressed for time, ensuring your dishes are ready in a flash. The Auto program is a convenient feature that adjusts the washing cycle based on the level of dirt on your dishes, providing customized cleaning. Moreover, the dirt sensor detects how dirty the dishes are, optimizing water and energy usage for a more eco-friendly operation.


Weight 41.7 kg


Model Number


Water Rating

Energy Rating








  • 14 Place Setting
  • Hygiene Intense Function
  • Steam Gloss Function
  • ProSmart Inverter Motor
  • Fast+ Program
  • Auto Program
  • Dirt sensor
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 818 x 598 x 550 mm


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