Make use of rapid, efficient cooking, defrosting, and reheating with a benchtop microwave oven from Brisbane Appliance Sales.

Featuring a range of microwave ovens from prominent brands, including Panasonic, Ilve, Miele, Neff, Smeg, and many more, there’s bound to be a model to suit your kitchen preferences.

Able to utilise the capabilities of a standard/convection oven, microwave ovens are often referred to as convection microwave ovens, due to their ability to force air movement around the interior of the microwave.

Compact microwave ovens, as their name suggests, are kitchen appliances designed for smaller homes and households. Size is an important consideration when looking at a new microwave oven and depends on what you’ll be microwaving and how often the microwave will be used.

A 20L Microwave or 25L Microwave Oven may be the ideal unit for the majority of households but if you tend to microwave larger items, it may be better to look at a larger model such as a 32L Microwave.

Another good thing to keep in mind when looking at a new microwave is whether or not you want a model with a turntable or a flatbed. A turntable has been designed to evenly distribute heat around the food, something convection technology does automatically. A flatbed provides you with more cooking surface area and is easier to clean but comes at a higher price point.