Warming Drawer

Cold plates & cups quickly rob food of it’s original heat resulting in lost flavour and aroma. Selecting a warming drawer will quickly and evenly bring your plates, cups and bowls to temperature. Available in a variety of sizes and styles from heating cups and saucers to keeping up to 40 plates warm before dinner. A warming drawer will even keep food warm, giving you time to enjoy with your guests before serving.

With a hygienically sealed cavity and the ability to maintain a constant 85 degrees, some models can also be used for slow cooking or dough proving, leaving your oven free for other dishes. Our complete range of appliances will suit any design and lifestyle choice, from fully integrated products that virtually disappear behind sleek cabinets to bold black or stainless steel appliances that create a focal point.

As a specialist retailer, Brisbane Appliance Sales also have fully operational displays, so you can try before you buy with confidence. Test our products functions, experience new technology and attend our in-house cooking demonstrations. To help determine what best suits your appliance needs, visit our showroom today.