6 Big Kitchen Appliances You’ll Actually Want to Use

Kitchen appliances have come a long way. Many of them help make out life easier by helping with the cleaning and cooking with a touch of a button. They help us do things more efficiently and quicker, however with the right gadgets, you may actually find yourself enjoying being in the kitchen more! We have a list of the top six kitchen appliances you will want to be using.


Having a dishwasher not only eliminates the time standing in front of a sink, handwashing all the pots and pans, but there are loads of other benefits as well. Many new dishwashers are energy efficient and use less water. In fact, you will use less water operating a dishwasher that is full than handwashing with a running sink. With lots of modern dishwashers, you may not need to pre-rinse either! No dishpan hands here! Plus, the time saved is incredible. It takes nine minutes on average to load and unload a dishwasher while handwashing can be significantly longer. All that time can be spent doing something productive while a dishwasher does the chore for you!

Coffee Machines

If it’s coffee that gets you up and going in the day, then a coffee machine is an absolute must. Brew a fresh cup right from the comfort of your own kitchen with a touch of a button and fill your home with the heavenly smells. Americanos, lattes, cappuccinos, and espressos can be created in your own kitchen, getting rid of the need to make that stop on the way into work for an expensive brew. Modern coffee makers also look great as well, offering a stylish addition to the kitchen.


A microwave is an incredibly convenient appliance that all kitchens should have. They’re not just for reheating last night’s leftover anymore either. They can defrost, steam, cook whole meals, and some even have a grilling function. Microwaves also don’t have to be big appliances that take up too much space. There are so many different designs to choose from that can fit seamlessly into your kitchen fittings.


Steam & Combi Ovens

Of course, your kitchen should have an oven, but consider a steam and combi oven for deliciously cooked food that keeps the most nutrients. You’ll also get better flavour! The difference is very evident with vegetables retaining their colour, assuring you it is still packed of the essential vitamins we need. Cooking times are also reduced with steam and combi ovens, and you don’t need to use oil either. Steam and combi ovens are a great choice for getting the most out of your food.


Warming Drawers

Serving hot food on cold plates can cool the food as you serve to guests. This can be fixed with warm plates and cups from your warming drawer! It’s not just storing cups and plates that a warming drawer can do, but some models also help with low and slow cooking and dough proving, making it a great addition for any cook/baker’s kitchen.

Waste Disposal

A waste disposal is a safe and easy way of getting rid of food scraps instead of throwing them in the bin to have the smells linger. Waste disposals chop up the scraps and flush them away into the sewer system. This is an environmentally friendly way of getting rid of excess food as it will prevent it from going to a landfill. It will go to a water treatment plant where it can be turned to biosolids and used as a natural fertilizer. They are installed under the sink too, so it’s a handy appliance that you won’t even have seen.

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