• Steam & Combi Ovens

    Steaming offers many benefits such as faster cooking times, retention of vitamins, nutrients, flavour, colour and texture. As food is not immersed in water, but surrounded by steam, neither vitamins nor flavour are lost, you can see and taste the difference: vegetables stay a fresher colour, and have a more natural and distinctive flavour.

    By only absorbing the moisture it needs and requiring no oils to keep the food from drying out, steam cooking prevents food from over cooking, and can be used to cook everything from delicious roasts to pastries and vegetables. The ultimate pairing, a Combi-Steam oven allows for all the benefits of steam cooking whilst also allowing for perfect cooking, roasting and baking results with unlimited combinations of more traditional oven cooking paired with steaming.

    Contact us or visit our Newmarket showroom. With over 50 leading brands in kitchen appliances we have a premium selection of the worlds finest steam ovens. We also offer free Cooking demonstrations to allow you to see the products in action to better ensure your selection fulfills all your cooking requirements.

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