• Gas Cooktops

    Gas cooktops are fast, powerful and effective. They are the cooktop of choice for many professional chefs. Gas is very popular due to the very quick temperature change. A great feature of gas is that you can get a visual of the flame size when setting the heat, and can be used with all types of cookware.

    Some are specially adapted for furious wok cooking or griddle plate cooking others have special simmer burners for longer, slower cooking. Colour choices range from stainless steel to heritage enamel finishes and even ceramic glass for ease of cleaning.

    Flame failure is a relatively new safety feature and is found on some cooktops. Flame failure is a small thermometer found on each burner and if the flame is accidently put out due to wind or spillage, or the gas is accidentally turned on, the thermometer will sense that the flame is not on and shut off the gas. Many brands also offer automatic re-ignition, preventing any interruption of cooking.

    If you’re looking for a new gas cooktop, Contact us and come into our showroom so we can guide you to your perfect solution from our selection of premium brands, we also do cooking demonstrations so you can see the products in action live instore.

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