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Australians love their BBQ, which is why we provide ones to be proud to show off! Brisbane Appliances offer sleek, built-in BBQs that are modern and will look fantastic in your backyard. We also have freestanding BBQs that will be the centerpiece of any outdoor get-together.

Why You Want to BBQ

Different Recipes

There are just some meals that don’t taste the same when made in the oven or on a cooktop. BBQ recipes should always be made on a BBQ for maximum effect. When certain foods are cooked on a BBQ, they get a particular taste and texture that is just divine.


Using a BBQ reduces fat in the food. It also cooks vegetables without taking away many of the nutrients. This leaves the meat and vegetables not only incredibly tasty, but better for you too.


So many great parties start around the BBQ! It is the ultimate way to prepare food for a party while showing off your cooking skills. Friends and family love gathering around the BBQ for a great time with great food.

Picking the Size You Need

How Often Do You BBQ?

There are some people who live to BBQ and love to use it year-round. If this is you, then go for a large BBQ that can accommodate all the different types of food you want to throw on there.

If you’re not an avid BBQ’er but appreciate having one for the occasional outside grilling, then you don’t need to go for the biggest. A smaller one will still produce just as tasty food and will be more cost-effective as well. A good way to calculate how big to get is one burner per person. If you like to BBQ for your small family, then get a small BBQ. If you like to host, then bigger BBQs are for you.

How much space you have available is a huge factor too. A small freestanding BBQ can be moved out of the way if it will be a nuisance being where it is all the time. On the other hand, if you love your alfresco cooking and dining and have the space, then a built-in outdoor BBQ will see you the envy of the neighbourhood.


Like traditional ranges, BBQs come with a couple of choices. What you go for is completely down to your personal preference.


Gas BBQs can be connected to natural gas. They also have an option to use bottled gas. This can make them more portable. Many favor gas over electric BBQs. The taste is different between the two.


No need to connect gas with this option, but you will need to be near an electrical outlet. Plug into an existing outdoor outlet and cook. Installation of an outlet is easy and quick.


BBQs can be exposed to the outdoor elements, which is why you need one built with durable materials that will withstand the Australian climate. With Brisbane Appliances, there is no worry about that as we only stock the top manufacturers.


These are permanent in your alfresco area, and you won’t be able to move it around. A built-in BBQ really makes a statement. It becomes an impressive outdoor kitchen.


This is the classic BBQ. They are portable and less permanent. You can bring them in during inclement weather and back out when you’re ready to use it. They don’t take up a lot of space, unlike the built-in.
Freestanding BBQs are less expensive than built-ins. However, many of the built-in designs can be turned into a freestanding. Choose from our many BBQ built-in products. We can add the trolley. This gives you the option of moving the BBQ.

Range Hoods

Complete your look with a range hood. Choose to customise a hood.

Why a Range Hood?

Hoods clear the air and remove excess heat. They also provide another source of lighting.
The extra lighting is ideal for the alfresco area at night. Light the cooking area to avoid accidents. The extra light will also help prevent over or undercooking the food.


Choose a style that goes with the alfresco space. Have it match the BBQ to finalise the design.

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