Sirius August promotion

Sirius ‘Valentina Collection’ Promotion

Purchase a Sirius Downdraft Rangehood to receive up to $600 off.

Purchase a selected Sirius downdraft rangehood from their ‘Valentina Collection’ during the promotional period and get up to $600 off the RRP.

  • Offer Starts: 1st August 2022
  • Offer Ends: 30 September 2022
  • Sirius is a rangehood specialist, sourcing the best components and designing the most practical and stylish models for all applications. With a dedicated team of research and development engineers on board, you can rely on Sirius rangehoods to ventilate and purify the air in your kitchen quickly, quietly, and effectively.Sirius was established in Sassoferrato, Italy in 1996. Since then it has become a world leader in top-end rangehoods.

    Only the best materials are used to craft Sirius rangehoods, because Sirius understands that for a product to deliver a superior performance, it must be crafted from superior components. This commitment to quality has certainly paid off – over the last 15 years, Sirius products have won numerous design and manufacturing awards around the globe.

  • In addition to its extensive range of kitchen rangehoods, Sirius also specialises in rangehoods for outdoor use. So if you have an alfresco entertaining area that you want to keep clear of smoke and grease while you’re using the barbeque, a Sirius outdoor rangehood is an excellent investment.

    Right from sourcing the most suitable compounds to designing the stylish and most practical models for various applications, rangehoods are in our DNA. Sirius is comprised of development and research engineers and who are focused on residential air ventilation & purification. This particular expertise guarantees the greatest and the latest results for your kitchen.
    Sirius is based in Sassoferrato in Italy and became a global leader in producing high-end rangehoods. We manufacture and design all of our rangehoods in the country and offer the finished products to different parts of the world. Sirius has invested in research and development to represent an exceptional mix of functionality and design.

    The amount of years we have spent in the development and manufacturing process of our products led us to determine the best materials to use. These materials are quite important for the outstanding performance of our rangehoods.

    With Sirius, you are always assured that you will be getting high quality products at reasonable prices. We have spent the last 20 years developing and refining rangehoods for your home. From sourcing the best components and designing the most practical and stylish models for all applications, rangehoods are in our DNA. Our research and development engineers are focused only on the residential air ventilation and purification market and this expertise ensures the latest and best results in your kitchen.

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