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    Famed for producing high quality stainless steel worktops and appliances, Barazza is a name synonymous with high performance and advanced design. Based in Santa Lucia di Piave near Treviso in Northern Italy, Barazza has over 40 years experience in producing appliances that give you the freedom to be creative with your cooking space. With Barazza there is no compromise on quality and elegance of design. The high grade 304 stainless steel used
    contains a high level of chrome and nickel, a superior material in terms of sturdiness and hygiene. You‘ll have a precision-designed kitchen perfect for your cooking requirements.

  • Made to Measure: Customised Artisan Skills and Advanced Technology.

    Barazza‘s unique ability to seamlessly incorporate their hobs, sinks and accessories into a stainless steel bench, gives the designer the ultimate freedom to create a functional piece which boasts clean lines, an unrivalled minimalist elegance and a more ergonomic and hygienic finish. Using cutting-edge  technology Barazza push their own abilities and creativity to the limit.

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