Zip Water Taps

With so much technology built into our everyday lives, it’s no wonder that our kitchens have started to come alive with amazing and modern new features that make life even easier than we could have imagined. Zip Water Taps are revolutionizing the way kitchens function, but don’t take our word for it. The reviews are in, and Zip Water Taps are changing the way people think about and use water. Gone are the days when you need to stand in the kitchen waiting for 10 minutes — or more! — for your kettle to boil so you could enjoy a cup of hot tea. Zip Water Taps make it possible to have instant access to clean, hot water on demand. But that’s not all these amazing taps do, and that’s why they are called water appliances, and not just taps.

Water Filters

Zip Water Taps do more than just bring water into your home. They also filter the water that passes through the public drinking water systems and makes it even more enjoyable, tasty, and clean for you and your family. If your home is subject to hard water or other issues, a Zip Water Tap can greatly reduce the amount of minerals and chemicals that make their way into your water, and into your body if you drink your water. Brisbane Appliance Sales knows how important it is to have clean drinking water for you and your family, and they are proud to offer a wide range of Zip Water Taps to meet your every need.

Cold Water Instantly

Sure, your traditional kitchen taps can provide you with cold water, but can they provide you will fresh, chilled water? Zip Water Taps provide homeowners with clean tasting and clear water that is ready for any number of uses: beverage mixes, preparing ice or cooling down your morning tea. Whatever you might need chilled water for, Zip Water Taps deliver.

Hot Water on Demand

Probably one of the biggest selling features of a Zip Water Tap appliance is that it offers on-demand hot water. But not just hot water, boiling hot water. This is great for coffee, tea, and other hot beverages. What’s more, you can make instant soups, cook poached eggs, or dissolve medication to soothe your throat when you are feeling under the weather. Brisbane Appliance Sales knows that people are busy enough without having to wait for hot and ready water to enjoy their coffee on the way out the door; if that’s you, consider installing a Zip Water Tap.

The World’s Most Advanced Drinking Water System

The beauty of Zip Water Taps are in the details: the details you don’t even see. These appliances are installed under your kitchen sink and filter, chill, and boil water as it is brought into the home on demand. They come in a variety of styles and colours to suit every kitchen design imaginable, and they are sleek and modern as well. You’ll enjoy a wide range of features and the comfort of knowing you are providing your family with fresh, clean, and ready to drink water anytime they want it. You’ll save money in the long run on expensive external filters, and you won’t lose any more precious time in the morning waiting for your much-needed tea or coffee. When you are ready to explore the Zip Water Tap Appliance system, contact Brisbane Appliance Sales for everything you need to decide if a Zip Water Tap Appliance System is right for you.

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