Why Buying From a Family Owned Business is Better Than Buying Online

Community Benefits


  • Community Identity

A family-owned business brings character to the area. Many places have boards trying to preserve the character that small businesses create along Main street. Small businesses contribute to their community more than many would have previously considered. By shopping small, it supports this and help keep the area a great place to live.

  • Community Involvement

Small businesses care how their decisions affect the community. They might even sponsor things like little pickup sports leagues for kids or community charity events. They care more about the area around them than a larger company or online business world.

  • Community Health

Small businesses such as family-owned kitchen appliance stores, help build a sense of community by simple things like greeting customers by name. When was the last time someone went to a big box store or shopped online and had a friendly conversation with someone who genuinely cared? Small businesses contribute to communities success often banding together for the goodwill of the community at large.

Generational Benefits

  • Education Equals Respect and Productivity

Generational benefits between employees in a small business increase respect and also productivity. The company gets the benefits of the strengths of both generations. The work ethic of the older population is well known. Showing this to the younger crowd certainly has its benefits. The younger generation is better with technology and can improve the skill set of the older employees.

  • Reduction in Age Discrimination

Older employees feel valued when they are included in promotions and training. This can reduce litigation claims as well. Workers 55 to 64 make up a large portion of the workforce.

  • Attracting and Retaining Young Employees

Young workers who are properly trained are the future! They turn into the leaders of tomorrow. Careful recruitment and cultivation are essential. The younger employees benefit from the knowledge of the older workers who came before them.

  • Social Responsibility

About 50% of shoppers are willing to support socially responsible businesses, a new study shows. This is especially true on a global level according to a recent survey. When consumers shop small, they are promoting the programs that are implemented by small business to give back to society.

Younger consumers tend to be more aware of where they are spending their money and want to be socially conscious. Shoppers between 15 and 39 years old said they were willing to pay more for those items. Social responsibility certainly resonates with these consumers.

Knowing this lets small brands know that anything they do that has a social impact will appeal to the right consumers. When shopping small, it encourages small businesses to get involved.

The communities at large are contributing to environmental causes, science improvement, tech, and more. Social media is often used to promote efforts for local businesses. Follow some local favorite shops online and see how they are helping the community.


What determines business longevity?

  • Values

Family owned Brisbane businesses typically have a set of values that they represent with their business activities. Management and staff have usually discussed and agreed on the business’s values and mission statement.

  • Relationships

Most people are familiar with sayings of the customer always being right. However, small businesses also have to have great relationships with their suppliers. Small businesses develop relationships and systems with suppliers. This assures that deliveries happen on time and inventory is in stock.

  • Resiliency to Changes In the Business Environment

Businesses that don’t change things up and keep up with the times go out of business. Small businesses must adapt to succeed.

When small businesses do these things, then the chances of passing their businesses to others, and to leaving a lasting legacy to the world grows.

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