Visit a Showroom to find your renovation inspiration

For many, contemplating a kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room renovation can seem like a daunting project. Where do I even begin? What’s available now? What are my options? For most of us, a good starting place is often online research, which can help us see products and provide some design ideas. But online research can only get you so far in this process that has long-lasting implications for your home and comfort. Whether you are renovating one room or many, it is always a great idea to visit a showroom to help in your planning process.

Shopping Online vs Instore

Online marketers rely on images and words to sell their products, and everything you see online is carefully cultivated to entice a buyer. Showrooms cannot hide behind filters, camera angles, and lighting. Instead, you’ll be able to see and feel the colours, textures, patterns, and materials for various products. By walking through a showroom, you will be able to touch the surfaces, test the cabinet closures, and operate the moving parts for many different models and brands.

Online photos and blueprints can give you ideas, but in order to truly test the practicality of your new room design, place yourself in it. Is there enough room to move around? Can two or more people be in the space comfortably? What would it look like if we moved this over there? Showrooms are great places to envision real-life work in these spaces, and they provide valuable feedback for the design process.

Finding inspiration online can be easy, but finding inspiration that results in great spaces that work for you and your family can’t just come from a screen. Showrooms can help you consider options you didn’t even know existed, provide you with feedback on how your choices will influence the others spaces in your home, and help you see how your choices look in the real world. A visit to a showroom should be a part of any renovation checklist.


Visit a Showroom and Consider Your Options

Renovating can be a significant investment, especially when talking about a kitchen or large bathroom. The decisions you make in the renovation design and preparation process are ones you will have to live with for many years, possibly the life of your home, so it is important you make the best-informed choices possible. That’s why visiting a kitchen, bathroom, or laundry showroom is so important when considering any renovation. The experts in these showrooms are there to answer your questions, provide you with resources, and help you know all your options before making a choice.

If you are ready to take the plunge on a new kitchen, bath, or laundry, remember to visit the showroom at Brisbane Appliance Sales so that we can help you select the right appliances for your needs. From washers and dryers to refrigerators and more, our experts are here to give you the information and inspiration you need to make your next remodel the best yet. Come see us today, and we’ll make your renovation dreams a reality.

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