Unobtrusive and designed to be streamlined next to your cooktop; lets take a closer look at in-bench downdraft extraction hoods.


Gone are the days where your only option was a traditional rangehood which dominated the look of your kitchen. Downward draft extractions are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their timeless yet modern looks and function and they open a world of new design options with no need for overhead cupboards or canopy range hoods.


Relatively new to the market and unlike other extraction hood; a downdraft extractor is unobtrusive and designed to be streamlined with your cooktop with it’s unique installation WITHIN the benchtop. They are hidden away below your kitchen work surface when not in use. Depending on your preference, there is flexibility where downdraft extractors can be used such as on a cooking island or where the cooker and oven is close to the wall. Bringing together what belongs together: cooktop and extractor combined in a compact and effective unit.


While most people would love a large kitchen, many are faced with limited space and need to factor in the size of appliances to make it a practical space to cook in. The good news is a downdraught system can be built into most kitchens and is non-obtrusive. With no edges or corners at head height for you to bump into,  no need to stoop, no steam in your field of vision – or condensing on your glasses. Whatever the circumstances of your kitchen, a downdraft hood allows for more freedom and opens up a whole new world of revolutionary kitchen architecture.


If you lead a busy lifestyle (who doesn’t these days?) then having an alternative to a traditional rangehood above the stove top which easily accumulates grime and grease should be considered. Not so with a BORA, where the downdraft extractor operates by sucking downward the fumes and smoke through a pipe that is located behind the kickboard avoiding buildup in the rangehood or the extractor fan. A traditional rangehood can also be difficult and time consuming to clean. Again BORA makes cleaning easy, where all it takes is three parts that can be dismantled quickly by hand then placed in the dishwasher and you are done!


Modern. Simple. Clean. These are words often used to describe one’s ideal kitchen yet there can be a few hindrances to achieving this look. Most traditional rangehoods are not what comes to mind when you think about keeping it simple and sleek however with a downdraft extraction system, achieving this goal is relatively easy. BORA’s cooktop extractor systems adopt a sleek design and come in three main product ranges: BORA Basic, BORA Classic and BORA Professional. All visible metal parts are made from pure stainless steel, guaranteeing high quality and durability. BORA cooktop extractor systems don’t dominate the look of a kitchen and are usually placed in a kitchen island giving more space for hanging cabinets.

While both traditional rangehoods and downward extractors perform the same role it’s great to have options when it comes to keeping a clean kitchen. By applying the principles of fluid mechanics, vapours and odours are drawn into the cooktop- putting an end to grease particles being distributed to the room. The only cleaning required is of the stovetop which is easy to get to and only takes a couple of swipes of a cloth to get back to perfect condition.


There are a range of factors to take into consideration when deciding on the right type of extractor for your kitchen. One shortcoming of many extractors is the noise they can make in the kitchen. Bora downdraft extractors have been designed so that you can’t hear the extractor system while not compromising on its effectiveness. In fact, regardless of the type of cooking you engage in whether it’s frying, boiling or even indoor barbequing, the BORA downdraft focuses on speed rather than volume (m3/hr) because the food is cooking at the very base point of where you cook, it doesn’t need to be super powerful. There is also no need for complicated roof duct scenarios, with the ducting occurring through the kick-board of the kitchen. Imagine how your kitchen design would change without the need for overhead cupboards or an island range!


If you have decided that a downdraft extractor fits the look and feel of the kitchen you are going for and is suitable for the style of cooking you engage in the kitchen, then comes the fun part of choosing the most suitable model on the market. Come in store so we can show you first hand the experience and finesse of the BORA Extraction hoods, as one of Brisbane’s exclusive stockists we have a full working display ready to demonstrate to you BORA’s cutting edge technology and finesse for design. It is hard to outperform the German made Bora downdraft extractors, with their innovative design and extremely low maintenance devices. The Bora design downdraft extractor opens up a whole range of new design options due to your cooktop and rangehood being an all in one appliance. Cooking has never felt so clean and sleek.

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