Interior Styling: Maximising Kitchen Space and Functionality

Everybody wants to have the perfectly designed kitchen. You want one that not only looks stunning, but is completely functional, and big enough for everyone in your household. However, this can sometimes be difficult if you’re constrained for size, particularly if you live in an apartment. Just because you’ve got less space doesn’t mean you can’t fully take advantage of the space you have available. There are several things you can do to your kitchen that will mean you can maximise your space and functionality, while also remaining stylish.

Concealed or hidden rangehood

If you don’t have much space available, you should consider investing in a concealed or hidden rangehood. This style of rangehood will take up far less space than a canopy or custom made rangehood, but will work just as efficiently.

With either an aluminium or stainless steel finish, there is sure to be a concealed rangehood which will suit your tastes and style of kitchen. Having the rangehood being hidden allows there to be extra space within your kitchen for other items.

Integrated refrigeration

Integrated refrigeration will look modern and sleek, while also being perfectly concealed within your kitchen space. This means there will only be the smallest space between the cabinet and your integrated fridge. This style of fridge also means you have lots of freedom with design, with the door being able to be opened on either side.

Under-bench storage

Instead of filling up your fridge or cupboards with wine, why not consider an under-bench wine cooler? This means you’ll no longer have to fill up other areas of the kitchen with wine bottles, with the underbench cooler also not taking up much space within the kitchen. The storage coolers come in a range of sizes, with one to fit every kitchen space. Shelves are adjustable, so you can fit the right types of bottles in the fridge. Underbench storage is the perfect way to make the most out of your kitchen space, while also ensuring you can store your wine in a climate-controlled area.

Warming drawers

No one wants to eat food that is going cold because it’s been served on a cold plate. When you’re serving food to guests, you want to make sure you can provide the very best experience for them. You can do that by installing warming drawers in your kitchen. This allows you to store your plates, bowls, and cups in a draw where they will be kept at a warm temperature. The draw has a hygienically sealed cavity, which means it is able to maintain a consistent 85 degree temperature. You can even use your warming drawers for cooking methods such as slow cooking or dough proving. This means your oven will be left free for other cooking needs.


If you’re wanting to give your kitchen that extra element of style, the first thing you want to get rid of is an unsightly, smelly, rubbish bin. But you can’t just remove this essential item out of your kitchen completely. You still need some type of rubbish disposal system. For something that will make your kitchen that much more stylish and functional, you should consider installing an InSinkErator.

The InSinkErator is a waste disposer which grinds and flushes food scraps down the kitchen drain. Instead of food being transported to landfills, it is taken to wastewater treatment plants, where it can eventually be reused as fertilizer or converted to biosolids. It is easy to install, and is a great way to keep your kitchen not only stylish but clean.

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