Coffee Machines Brisbane Buying Guide

Are you one of the millions of people a day who turn to a cup of coffee first thing in the morning?

If so, then you know how important it is to have that first cup just right, with tantalising aromas and rich taste. While the quality of the coffee beans surely makes a big difference, having a high-quality coffee maker does too.

Coffee makers should not only make great cups of coffee but with ease too, making it something you don’t have to mess around with too much in the morning, creating cups on demand if needed. There are a lot to choose from though, and which one you choose depends on a few different factors. Here is what to look for to find the best coffee machine for your home.

Types of coffee makers

There are more choices than ever when it comes to how you make your coffee. These are the three main types:


People have been using manual coffee makers for years, and it is still the most common form of making coffee in homes and coffee shops today. Ground coffee beans are placed in a filter and water is forced through, leaving a freshly filtered cup of coffee to enjoy. Add your own milk and sugar as desired, and you have a cup of coffee exactly the way you like it.


Automatic coffee machines are the ultimate all-in-one appliance to have if you want a machine that does it all. It will grind coffee beans before making a cup the way you prefer (whether it be a regular cup, cappuccino, latte or espresso). It will add the milk and even froth it for one lovely coffee indulgence. Every guest can have coffee the way they want with the press of a button.


Fairly new to the scene when compared to the other forms of coffee machines, capsule coffee machines are great for people who are needing a cup to grab and go. They only require a specially made capsule that is dropped into the machine that is pre-measured with the right amount of coffee. However, some brands are only compatible with their own capsules, and you’re limited to the types of coffee and flavours they offer.

Coffee machine accessories

Consider getting these additional items to really create a wonderful in-home coffee making experience:

Coffee bean grinder

Manual coffee machines will only take ground coffee beans, unlike an automatic that can grind them for you, so a coffee bean grinder is a must. Of course, you can buy coffee that is already ground, but if you choose fresh beans, many coffee shops will grind them for you.

Milk frother

Again, this is something that the manual coffee machine lacks, but if you want warm milk and a frothy top that looks like it came from an expensive café, then a milk frother will help.

Why you should have your own coffee machine

There are many people who make a coffee run as part of their daily commute. Having a coffee machine in the home can make life so much easier for any coffee lover.

First of all, it will save money. It will be an investment that pays off handsomely as owning a machine and buying coffee beans/granules/capsules will work out significantly cheaper than buying one from an expensive coffee shop every day. It will save you time from having to go there too!

Owning a coffee machine also means you have a great cup there whenever you are wanting one. It is easy to prepare for one or for guests in a matter of minutes.

You also have more control over how you make your cup. It will always be just the way you want it!

Coffee machines for every home and lifestyle

If you’re looking for the best coffee machine Brisbane has to offer, then look no further than Brisbane Appliance, where we have the world’s finest brands available.

From freestanding coffee machines to a more integrated model, we have something to suit all homes that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also make a proper cup of coffee. You can even pair it with a warming drawer, so the coffee goes into a nice warm mug, keeping it at the optimal temperature for longer. Find out more or head to our showroom to see our high-quality appliances.

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