Bathtub styles – what you need to know

Imagine you’re splish-splashin’ taking’ a bath – in your brand-new bathtub. As you’re looking to remodel your bathroom, the bathtub will make be the design focal point.

The design you choose will frame the mood of the bathroom, and it is important to select the correct style. With the right tub, you’ll be able to relax and let all the stress seemingly float away. It might not be intuitive that there are different bathtub styles, but there’s more than just the shower/tub combo. Here are three top bathtub styles to know.


You’re correct that a freestanding tub – stands alone and is the most iconic part of any bathroom it is placed in. It is chic, attention-grabbing, and is the first thing anyone will notice as they walk in the bathroom. Freestanding tubs are great if you have ample space to work with and want the perfect look in your bathroom. They make a statement and exude luxury. What is also great about freestanding baths is that they come in a variety of styles. While they are all chic, you could choose one bath with high, sloping edges, or go with a claw-foot tub for a vintage look. The set-up is fairly simple. You just place it where you want it, and you’re pretty much good to go. You may call a plumber to set up the water but besides that, you’re likely to not even need a contractor. Because the bath is freestanding, you can place it wherever you’d like – even if that is smack dab in the middle of the room. Keep in mind that this would be a shower-less option and you’ll have to use the bathroom counter if you’re looking to light any candles.

Island Rectangular

A rectangular island bathtub is a great choice if you’re looking to set up lots of candles, maybe a book, or even a glass of wine right up on the edge. The rectangular bath is the most common shape. It is classic, simple, and often blends in with the rest of the bathroom. This option can save space and provides many installation options. It has a clean appearance and is also one of the most cost-efficient options. It does have a bulkier look to it because of its solid, rectangular shape. Be sure to measure your doorways and stairwells to make sure the tub can make it into this new part of your home. The Island Rectangular takes the best parts of a rectangular tub and through the freestanding nature offers more of a visual attractiveness. It screams classic, but also comfortable.


An oval bathtub is often the most common choice coming from a comfort standpoint. Usually, oval tubs are also freestanding so they bring in the stylistic values that come from that. They offer a bold and striking appearance. On the note of comfort, the rounded ends of an oval bathtub make this an excellent place to literally sit back and relax. An oval tub is usually easy to clean and installing an oval tub is also very straightforward. Oval tubs range in price so there are plenty of options for any budget. Be sure to check that your floor is strong enough to support this type of tub and that it won’t be too deep to climb into.

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