• Aktivo LD2KG Laundry Powder


    Super Concentrate Laundry Powder 2kg

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  • Description

    •Contains solar activated bleach which keeps removing stains whilst clothes are hanging in the sun to dry

    •Added colour safe oxygen bleach to improve stain removal

    •100% soluble items, and phosphate free

    •Suitable for front loader and top loader washing machines

    •Pleasant and long lasting floral fragrance

    •Super Concentrate

    Super Concentrate Laundry Powder 2kg

    AKTIVO Super Concentrate Laundry Powder, as the name says, is a super concentrated laundry powder which is suitable for use in all temperatures and water environments. It comprises of enzymes for exceptional fast removal of tough stains like grass and blood with an added colour safe oxygen bleach assisting in stain removal. AKTIVO Super Concentrate Laundry Powder is suitable to be used in hard water conditions and for both front and top loading washing machines. With a formula environmentally safe, coupled with the latest technology, AKTIVO Super Concentrate Laundry Powder will clean you clothes in every instance.

    Directions: See packaging for soaking and machine washing dosages.

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