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    Technology in ovens has changed dramatically throughout our nearly 30 years in trading. To ensure we provide the best available range, we have kept up to date with the most recent trends and development in ovenware. Our diverse assortment of ovens offer a combination of value and convenience for your kitchen. From electric to gas, freestanding to built-in and anything in between, we’ve got you covered.

Choosing an oven

Choosing an oven doesn’t have to be difficult when you know what to look for. At Brisbane Appliance Sales, we believe that our customers should select an oven with these considerations in mind

Type of Heat

Some people prefer electric ovens while others like their gas ones. Those were the two choices for years until recently when steam/combi came into the market. The heating type you select all comes down to a matter of preference or what already exists i.e. if you are replace an existing oven.

Gas Ovens

People have been cooking with gas ovens since the 1800s. While more homes are coming with electric ovens, gas is something still very much preferred amongst many homeowners. They have a fast preheat and provide even heat that retains moisture. This helps cook roasts and stews better, keeping the meat juicy and tender.

Electric Ovens

Electric ovens had big invasive coils when they first came onto the scene, but since then has developed into a more sophisticated design with flat surfaces.

Modern electric ovens preheat just as quickly as their gas counterparts. They’re also capable of reaching higher temperatures than gas, which is great for crispy pizzas and pies.

If a lot of baking takes place in your kitchen, then an electric oven is ideal. They provide the perfect environment for making cakes and cookies.


This is a new heating type making waves on the market. Steam will cook your food in a beautiful and healthy way while retaining moisture. It also keeps those essential vitamins and nutrients found in our food.

Steam cooks the quickest out of the three heat types and is ideal for cooking vegetables and meats, and even amazing pastries! The steam/combi ovens are quite large and will hold a large roast or a couple of dishes and sees that entire dinner done quickly, making it a very convenient way of cooking for large or busy families.


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