• The intense cold typically generated by refrigerators can dry out the corks of your favorite wines, or worse, denature them. Vintec wine cabinets are designed to recreate the conditions found in the best natural underground cellars, providing your treasured bottles of wine with the perfect storage conditions, so you know your wine will always be enjoyed at its best.

    Established in 1998, Vintec Australia is the exclusive importer of Danish-designed Vintec wine cabinets, and French hand-built Transtherm wine cabinets, which can be built into kitchens, or set up as stylish freestanding units with tinted glass and attractive lighting.

    Vintec wine cabinets are recommended by the most respected wine critics and chosen by leading architects and interior designers for use in their innovative kitchens and dining room designs. These elegant-looking cellar solutions are easily movable and perfectly efficient to keep wine in pristine condition for the long or short term.



    Today Transtherm / Vintec Australia specialises in wine storage cabinets under the Transtherm, Vintec, Helicave and Espace brands, providing a comprehensive range of products from a small Vintec 2 temperature cabinet for 40 bottles, up to a walk-in cellar for 3900 bottles. The average capacity of the cabinets is between 120 to 240 bottles.

    Features of Vintec wine cabinets include a temperature control system that maintains stable conditions, an anti-vibration system to counteract the imperceptible vibrations that can age wine prematurely, protection from harmful UV light that affects the tannins and the colour of wine, humidity control that helps prevent oxidisation, and frequent air circulation to help prevent the growth of mould. Although mainly for domestic use, the Transtherm and Vintec products have been adopted by the most famous chefs and restaurants in Australia, including Tetsuya, Neil Perry, Restaurant 41, Breezers, Cecconis and more.

    Transtherm and Vintec are two of the finest available brands of wine cabinets in Australia. Thanks to their intimate understanding of the wine industry, the companies have produced a peerless range of wine storage solutions that are suitable for anyone from the most casual connoisseur to the most serious wine collector.

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