Condor Rangehoods

Australia finest BBQ Rangehood.  Designed and manufactured in Melbourne


Condor Rangehoods are designed and manufactured in Australia to compliment all alfresco and outdoor areas.

The latest design in outdoor entertaining can now become truly viable with the addition of a Condor Rangehood. The Condor Rangehood will remove all by-products of outdoor cooking – smoke, grease and odours.

Many barbecues installed in alfresco areas can be quite elaborate and exotic. They can include different cooking appliances, such as side burners, wok burners and rotisserie spikes, and are available in natural and LP gas.

The barbecues available in today’s market place can produce an output of up to 130 mega joules. The air movement of the exhaust system must be greater than the updraft caused by the burners of the barbecue.

The Condor Rangehood achieves this via 3 forward curved centrifugal fan motors with a maximum air movement of 2550 cubic metres of air per hour. This is matched by an incomparable degree of quietness, which is achieved by fully insulating the rangehood with sound-deadening material.

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