Wall Oven Pro’s & Con’s

Think back to your favourite kitchen smells. Is it freshly baked cookies or cinnamon rolls? Maybe a savoury pie or stew? A kitchen can be a gathering place and having the right appliances is a key part of your success. When you take that delicious meal out of the oven, you’ll want to be sure to impress your dinner guests and keep them coming back for more.

As you begin to design your new kitchen you can set yourself up for many years of successful dinner parties by choosing the right appliances that work for you. There are many different options, but one of the most versatile and available options is the wall oven. Let’s get right into the pros and cons of this choice for your new kitchen.

Wall Oven Pros

• Cooking Capability – Wall ovens give you the option to get more than one oven. If you decide to choose a double wall oven, you’ll get even more space to whip up all of your favorite dishes at the same time. If you have limited counter space but more wall space, the wall oven is great for making sure you can keep up with all the food needed for those guests.

• Comfortable – Wall ovens are installed at the perfect height right around eye-level. Gone will be the days of bending, crouching, and just about spilling your food right back into the oven. This makes the oven much more accessible for people as you age but less accessible to those tiny hands.

• Flexibility – With a wall oven, you’ll be buying your oven and stovetop appliances separately. If you mostly care about making the best chocolate chip cookies in the world, you’ll want to spend more getting the perfect oven. If you’re more of a stew person, you can spend the majority of your budget on the stovetop. Buying a wall oven gives you this flexibility.

Wall Oven Cons

• Space – With a wall oven, your oven and stovetop will have to be separated. This limits your counter space, and if you’re working with a small area, a wall oven won’t be maximizing your space. Think about whether you’d rather focus your design and style elements in a prominent stovetop or in a sleek wall oven.

• Cost – You will have to purchase both a wall oven and a stovetop if you decide to go this route. While some stores offer discounts and bundles, you’ll have more to think about as you shop for two products, versus one.

• Remodelling– If you did decide to remodel your kitchen again when you remove a wall oven you may incur additional costs and work fixing your existing cabinets. They are often impacted in some way when you remove the wall oven so if you’re planning on remodelling again think of how your current oven can help smooth out that process.

Choosing an oven for your big new kitchen project doesn’t have to be stressful, and having a source of inspiration will streamline the entire process! Our friends over at Main Line Kitchen Design are a fantastic resource to use as a guide for choosing the best wall oven for your next kitchen remodel or build. Better yet, for any kitchen design inspiration, check out the Main Line Kitchen Design page and get your dream kitchen underway!

Brisbane Appliance Sales will walk with you each step of the way as you decide what will make the kitchen of your dreams come true. Contact us today or stop in to see our large range of fully functional ovens on display within our state of the art showroom. In no time, you’ll be taking delicious cookies out of the oven and gathering in your new kitchen.

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