8 Shower Ideas to Suit All Bathrooms and Budgets

Increase Your Home Value

One of the nice things about a bathroom remodel is that it will increase the value of your property. Recoup every cent back from your remodel project, but it can certainly help. Potential buyers love redone bathrooms that have a more modern look.

Fix Problems

If there is anything wrong with your bathroom or shower, you can finally get it fixed and not have to worry about it anymore. This could be anything from leaky valves to broken tile.

Create an Oasis

As stated previously, a fresh bathroom is a great place to start (or end) your day! It can be relaxing and soothing. You can get ready for an important day or relax after a day at your nine to five.

Give Yourself a Change

Sometimes a great reason to redo your shower or bathroom is simply that you need a change. It can give you a fresh start. You might have redone other parts of your home and need to move on and tackle the bathroom as well. Regardless of the reasons, choosing a bath remodel is as simple as trying something different with the design. Here are some tips for your shower remodel.

Remodel Ideas

A Shower Enclosure With No Frame

Minimalism is popular right now. A frameless shower design enclosure could be the perfect fit for your bathroom. Frameless shower doors have benefits. They have a great design and make small bathrooms look like they have more space.

Lots of Glass

Glass bathrooms require only simple hinges to hold, glass stopper below to avoid any spills and you can spice it up with a walk-in door with chrome handle. Such an enclosure looks like a clean glass house. There is no obstruction to hold the view.

Get Taken Away by the Decor

You can get creative if you have a small bathroom space. Use uniform tiles on the walls and floor, and consider getting fancy with the decor. You can create an elegant space with lovely finishing touches.

Consider a Stand Out Shower

You could do stone tile in a mosaic along the wall, which would draw your eye as soon as you go into your newly remodelled bathroom. The shower design could be glass and enclosed. By doing this, a small functional shower can seem like there is more space. You might consider a patterned herringbone tile elsewhere in the bathroom shower.

Subway Tile in the Bathroom

Get creative with bathroom subway tile. You can install it floor to ceiling for a unique look. For the shower design, panelled large glass doors accent well. Subway tile is something that is always on trend.

Shower Door Ventilation

You might consider venting with a cutout for air circulation. The top of the shower door is a good place for it even if it is glass. The steam will be able to get out, and you’ll be more comfortable with the temperature in your bathroom.


Include a mosaic tile with your shower. Make it a walk in. Match the tile colours with the floor as well and then continue it in the shelving of the space.

A Natural Look

Have a large walk-in shower that features stone with the contrast of exposed-brick bathroom walls. To go along with it, consider pebble floor tiles continue the natural look.

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