• Appliances are the key details to any dream home. From sleek integrated ovens to luxurious wine storage, your appliances should fit your lifestyle as they are products you deal with every day. Whatever style you’re looking for, Brisbane Appliances can help supply your home with nothing but the best products. Whether you choose one of our already beautifully-designed appliances or go for your own custom-made look, Brisbane Appliances will work with you to find what suits your room best. Our products not only look great but they’re high-quality products that are durable and efficient. With Brisbane Appliances, the whole process of finding the right product to delivery is stress-free. We can even recommend an installation agent that is familiar with our products who we know will give you the best service.


    Kitchens are the heart of the home. They vary in size and style, which is why our selection of kitchen appliances is so wide.

    Small kitchens can still look as stylish as big ones. Small doesn’t mean you have to go without. A bottom mount sleek refrigerator, for example, would be perfect in smaller spaces. An electric wall oven would save floor space. Think you don’t have the room for a dishwasher? We have a selection of slimline dishwashers that help make clean-up easy. With appliances adapted for small spaces, you can still have all of the luxuries of a larger kitchen while saving on space.

    Spacious kitchens can easily fit our larger refrigerators. A side-by-side refrigerator is great for big families, with a freezer on one side and refrigerator on the other. French door style will provide a lot of freezer space with a large pull-out drawer and refrigerator doors that open out. Prefer not to have your appliances stand out? Then go for a fully integrated refrigerator that is built right into the wall, disguised as a part of your cabinets.

    Inject a bit of luxury into your kitchen with climate-controlled wine storage. Multi-zone wine storage will control different types. Small kitchens don’t need to go without either as we also offer an under bench wine fridge. Like your coffee? Go for a built-in coffee machine or warming drawer where your mugs stay toasty waiting for that first cup of the day.

    Brisbane Appliances are here to help deliver that dream kitchen. Contact us to take the first steps in bringing your ideas to life.


    Turn your bathroom into a sanctuary with a customized design. Don’t just go for the standard basins and taps and other appliances. Go for something sophisticated and modern that fits your style. Even towel racks and soap dishes can be made to match the bathroom décor.

    The bath is one of the main focuses of the bathroom. Freestanding, oval or island rectangular, whatever you choose will be chic and set the tone for the rest of the room. Showers are also customizable. Have massaging jets or a simple shower with a contemporary shower head.

    Your basin doesn’t have to be bland and boring. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, either mounted to the wall or on a pedestal for a classic look. Don’t forget the tapware that you will need to complete the look.

    Finally, although many don’t think about it, exhaust fans are something to consider. They keep the humidity in your bathroom at the right level to keep fog off the mirrors and mould from developing from moisture build-up. There’s no reason why your bathroom can’t be like an at-home spa. Brisbane Appliances can help with your ideal sanctuary.

  • Laundry

    Who likes doing laundry? You won’t mind so much when your laundry room has great looking modern appliances that look great while saving you time. Opt for a convenient laundry sink to soak clothes before putting in the washing machine for those stubborn stains or items that are hand-wash only. Like the bathroom, your basin and taps can be designed to your liking. Make sure your family always has clean clothes with a fully-functional washer and dryer that comes in a variety of sizes to fit all spaces. We also have plenty of front load washers that help save on water.


    Australians love their BBQ, which is why we provide ones to be proud to show off! Brisbane Appliances offer sleek, built-in BBQs that are modern and will look fantastic in your backyard. We also have freestanding BBQs that will be the centerpiece of any outdoor get-together.


    At Brisbane Appliances, we believe that your home should reflect your personal style. No matter what that style is, we have something to suit it along with your budget.


    Brisbane Appliances believe in only supplying the best. All of our products are made with high-quality materials and are durable for that everyday use. If you ever did run into a problem, we can recommend the top service agents who know our products inside-out.

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