• Steel GP8I-6 Steel 80cm Induction Cooktop

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    $3,190 $2,233


    • Genesi 80cm 6 Zone Induction Hob
    • Touch Slide Control Panel
    • 9 Power Levels
    • Child Safety
    • Product Dimensions: (W) 780mm x (D) 530mm
    • 3 Years Warranty

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  • Description

    Zone Free Technology
    High performance, large area zone that gives you the choice of using a larger or square pan as well as using two pans in the same area. Zones are independently controlled via slide control.
    Touch Control
    Electronic controls with sensitive touch keys, making it easier and more accurate to control temperatures. This activation is indicated by a control light, letter or number in the display and/or ‘beep’ sound.
    Double Booster Control
    Booster (P) and Double Booster ( ıı ¦¦) provide a boost of power to the selected heating zone. When activated, the heating zones work for 10 minutes with an ultra high power.
    Able to be used on all heating zones simultaneously with different time settings (from 0 to 999 minutes) for each heating zone.
    Bridge Function
    Allows the use of 2 cooking zones at the same time (left, middle and right zones) with the same features as a single cooking zone. Booster function not applicable.
    Black Glass Design
    Easy to clean and contemporary design makes this hob very desirable for all kitchen designs.
    Units are designed specifically for the Australian market and manufactured in Italy by dedicated boutique specialist manufacturer.

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