• Sirius SL906EM-L 850

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    Product Features

    • SEM Motor Options: SEM 1, SEM 2 or SEM 5 Locating the motor away for the hood minimises noise in the kitchen up to 95% while still achieving maximum extraction. SEM motor options for ultra quiet operation. All our SEM motors are made in Germany.
    • LED Strip Lighting: Energy efficient, better illumination of the cooking area and longer life span than standard globes.
    • Baffle Filters: Designed for greatest air movement for maximum performance. Dishwasher safe.
    • Countdown Control: 10 Minute auto function used at the end of cooking to reduce condensation and remove cooking smells from the room.
    • Clean Filter Indicator: Takes the guessing out of maintaining your hood by flashing the lights on the control panel to indicate that it is time to wash your filters.
    • Made In Italy: Designed specifically for the Australian market and manufactured in Italy by a dedicated boutique manufacturer.

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  • Description

    850mm Undermount Hood – Stainless Steel with EXTERNAL MOTOR (SEM2 OR 5 MARINE). Extraction 1200m3/h – 4 Speed- 10W LED Strip Lighting – Can be rear or top ducted

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