• Neff T58TS6BN0 Downdraft Cooktop

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    This induction cooktop with integrated ventilation combines two appliances in one for a clear view while cooking.

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  • Description
    • FlexInduction – The FlexZone lets you place your pots and pans anywhere you want and heats them exactly where they stand.
    • PowerMove – The FlexZone is divided into three heating zones: boiling in front, simmering in the middle and warming in the rear.
    • The TwistPad® Fire is a removable, magnetic, illuminated control knob that gives you precise, convenient control over all cooking zones. And to make things even easier, only the selectable functions are illuminated.
    • Sensor-controlled automatic system: cooking is pure pleasure thanks to fully automatic hood control when the cooktop is switched on
    • Automatic air sensor: automatically adjusts the extraction rate to match the situation in the kitchen

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