Liebherr SBSes8474 Pigeon Pair inc Biofresh & Ice

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  • Valid until 31st December
  • 2.4” Touchscreen Display - Located behind the appliance door, this high-resolution and high-contrast 2.4” touchscreen display can be read from any angle. Stored menu options are Intuitive and easy-to-operate.
  • BluPerformance - Liebherr BluPerformance appliances achieve an outstanding energy efficiency without compromising on consumer conveniences. Refrigeration technology is compactly integrated into the base of the appliance, therefore freeing up vital space throughout the appliance for even more food storage. Combined with a specially mounted compressor, this innovative design makes the BluPerformance range exceptionally quiet.
  • BioFresh - When stored at Biofresh’s precisely maintained temperature of 0°C and correct humidity level, nutrients in your food are retained. Our BioFresh drawers fully extend on telescopic rails and feature a self-closing mechanism.
  • PowerCooling - A high-performance system that allows freshly stored items to be chilled rapidly while maintaining an even temperature throughout the interior. In this energy efficient BluPerformance range, the fan switches off when the appliance door is opened, saving valuable energy.
  • SuperCool - The SuperCool function reduces the temperature of the refrigerator to +2°C or +3°C for 6 to 12 hours, depending on the model, switching back to normal operation automatically. By activating prior to grocery shopping, it will assist with cooling the new food more rapidly, thereby prolonging food preservation.
  • SuperFrost - The automatic SuperFrost function reduces the temperature in your freezer switching back to normal operation once it has reached minimum temperature. By activating prior to grocery shopping it will reduce the likelihood that existing items will suffer from excessive temperature rise while the door is left open for loading or temperature transfer from added warmer items.

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