• IXL Tastic Neo Dual 3 in 1 (32111)

    3 Only New In Box


    • Wall Switch
    • Gimble-mounted LED downlights
    • 2 x 800W Heat Lamps
    • Exhaust Fan with 6m Duct and Exterior Outlet Vent

    Tastic Neo Dual is suitable for areas up to 7.21m2 with shower* and 18.02m2 without shower.

    *We recommend adding additional ventilation above open showers

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  • Description

    Start and end each day with a little bit of bliss, with the Tastic Neo Dual 3 in 1 Bathroom Heater, Fan and Light.

    The powerful heat lamps will rapidly warm you during the winter months, while the directional downlights ensure your space is well illuminated throughout the day. The unit also features an inline extraction system that vents directly to outside your home.

    The Neo Dual exhaust fan with light and heater works efficiently to create a space you’ll love to live in.

    Powerful Extraction: 346m3/h Airflow

    Long Lasting Instant Heat: 2 x 800 Infra-Red Heat Lamps

    Superior Illumination Centre Light: 3 x 7W Gimbal-mounted LED Downlights

    Neo Dual is compliant with G4 Building Codes and Healthy Home Standard for bathrooms and kitchens.

    Tastic Neo Dual Bathroom Ceiling Heater is proudly manufactured in Australia.

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