• Ilve X370MG Island Rangehood



    ILVE’s Island range hoods are designed to stealthily keep your kitchen fresher and cleaner. We all adore the scrumptious smells that billow from your favourite dishes in the kitchen, but not when those smells become stagnant within the home. ILVE’s range hoods are designed to stealthily keep your kitchen fresher and cleaner. Their powerful high speed fan removes cooking odours, smoke and vapour from the kitchen, while extremely fine filters trap all grime. It features intelligent features like the new ECO-booster, auto fire shut-down sensors and a filter cleaning reminder light. The smart timer function can be set for an automatic turn off leaving you to your culinary masterpiece at hand. In-built LED Lights produce a natural brightness, illuminating your cooking area while the streamlined electronic control panel ensures whisper quiet air extraction is at your fingertips. Either as a visual focal point or discreetly integrated, it is easy to see that ILVE Range hood’s are built to extract!

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  • Description



      • True slide out styling to suit any kitchen design
      • Automatic delayed shut down function (5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes)
      • Energy class A
      • Bright LED lights
      • Stainless steel & enamelled Matt Graphite or Grigio Lusso
      • Available in 1 size, 37cm Ø
      • Recommended for Tepanyaki models or when very high air extraction is required
      • Twin turbine high velocity fan, optional in-line motor is available to assist air flow

      • Anodised aluminium filter

      • Automatic filter cleaning warning light
      • Filter cleaning in warm soapy water
    • MOTOR

      • Extraction 1200 m3/h gross air movement
      • Four-speed controls (1-2-3-Intensive)
      • Ø150mm ducting outlet
      • ECO BOOST – Our new and improved range hoods incorporate a 4th speed that is used as a “ECO-booster”. When active, the range hood will operate at a higher speed (4) for 10 minutes, and then the speed will automatically turn down to speed 3.

      • Charcoal filters

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