• G 7314 SCU AutoDos CLST Built-under dishwasher


    Built-under dishwasher with AutoDos, 3D MultiFlex tray and ExtraComfort basket design. Perfect results – only 6 l water consumption in the Automatic programme.  CleanSteel finish. Superior cleaning – using AutoDos, the world’s 1st automatic dispensing system with integrated PowerDisk Perfect results – using QuickPowerWash in 58 minutes. No need to towel dry with – AutoOpen drying for automatic drying. Flexibility creates convenience with easy adjustment – FlexLine baskets

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  • Description

    Dimensions: 60 cm (w) x 81 cm (h) x 57cm (d) IMPORTANT: Please measure your appliance cavity prior to purchase to ensure your chosen appliance will fit. A restocking fee may apply for returned appliances due to incorrect size purchase. Built under models will need to be secured into the cabinetry. Model Overview Straight fascia with TFT 1-line text display Miele@home, MobileControl ComfortClose Operating noise 43dB Countdown indicator Delay start up to 24 h 4.5 star Energy rated 6.0 star WELS rated 14 place settings Energy consumption – 189 kWh per year Water consumption – 9.2 litres per cycle Alternating spray arm technology AutoOpen drying SensorDry Brilliant GlassCare ECO, Auto 45-65°C (Sensor wash), Gentle 45°C, QuickPowerWash 65°C, Intensive 75°C, PowerWash 60°C, ExtraQuiet 55°C, Hygiene 70°C, Maintenance Additional programs – AutoDos, Express, IntenseZone, Extra clean, Extra dry 3D MultiFlex tray ExtraComfort baskets – upper & lower FlexCare glass holders FlexCare cup rack Waterproof system Door lock with safety CleanSteel Click here for more product information

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