• Miele EVS 6214 CleanSteel Vacuum Sealing Drawer


    14 cm high built-in vacuum sealing drawer suitable for preparation for sous-vide cooking, marinating food, portioning and much more. Narrow CleanSteel trim.

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  • Description

    14.1 cm (h) x 59.5 cm (w) x 57 cm (d) IMPORTANT: Please measure your appliance cavity prior to purchase to ensure your chosen appliance will fit. A restocking fee may apply for returned appliances due to incorrect size purchase. Miele’s new vacuum sealing drawer is an impressive addition to any kitchen. By removing the air from the vacuum bag ideal conditions are created for food to be effectively vacuum packed for longer storage, marinating or ready for the sous-vide process in a Miele Steam Oven. A choice of three vacuum settings is available to suit your needs. Setting 3 is ideal for marinated meat, whereas setting 1 is perfect for delicate food such as berries. Model overview: Generous interior area suitable for all types of food from small portions up to a maximum size of 250mm x 350mm and a height of 80mm. The Push-to-open mechanism allows the drawer to be opened with a gentle touch Controls operated via a flush touch panel under glass making them convenient and easy to clean Fully telescopic runners make the drawer easy to load Easy clean interior Broad CleanSteel trim Supplied with 20 vacuum sealing bags that are food-safe, heat-resistant, boil-proof and tear resistant Please click here for more information.

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