• ESW 6114 CleanSteel Gourmet Warming Drawer

    14 cm high gourmet warming drawer without handle. Features include food-warming and slow cooking function with broad CleanSteel trim.

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  • Description

    59.3-59.5 cm (h) x 56-56.8 cm (w) x 55.5 cm (d) IMPORTANT: Please measure your appliance cavity prior to purchase to ensure your chosen appliance will fit. A restocking fee may apply for returned appliances due to incorrect size purchase. Model overview 14 cm tall Ultimate enjoyment with Low temperature cooking Versatile use thanks to four operating modes Touch operation – Convenient and easy Push-to-open – Easiest handling Safe is safe – Timer function with automatic switch off For pre-heating crockery for up to 6 persons food-warming And slow cooking function Push / pull Without handle Broad CleanSteel trim i.e. suits installation below 45 cm tall complementary Generation 6000 Appliances next to a 60 cm tall oven in a block of three Please click here for more information.

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