• DGC 6800 XL Obsidian Black Steam Combination Oven

    Extra large steam combination oven with M touch controls, 48 litre capacity, 3-in-1 appliance, 150+ Automatic Programmes and wireless food probe. Obsidian Black finish.

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  • Description

    44.8-45.2 cm (h) x 56-56.8 cm (w) x 55.5 cm (d) IMPORTANT: Please measure your appliance cavity prior to purchase to ensure your chosen appliance will fit. A restocking fee may apply for returned appliances due to incorrect size purchase. Model overview: 48 l capacity M Touch controls with full colour touch sensitive TFT display 3-in-1 appliance 100% steam Perfect results thanks to MultiSteam technology Convenient – water container is behind motorised lift-up panel Oven functionality 100% oven functionality with 10 oven functions 100% steam combination oven with FanPlus Grill or Conventional heat combination modes 150+ automatic programmes Humidity sensor Highest convenience – roasting with the wireless food probe PerfectClean Plenty of space to be creative – theXL cabinet Please click here for more information.

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