• Bosch WTX88M20AU 8Kg Heat Pump Dryer

    Series 8 Heat Pump Dryer


    Super energy efficient drying performance with a 10 star energy rating and large 8kg drying capacity: enjoy excellent consumption values – for the life of the dryer.

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  • Description
    • Capacity: 8 kg
    Consumption rates
    • 10 Star energy rating
    • Excellent energy efficiency and drying performance, just 98 kWh per year, based on the Cottons program with drying options Cupboard Dry+ and Drying Level 1, used once per week
    • Special drying programs:
      – AllergyPlus/Hygienic: high temperature program for hard wearing items that need to be hygienically clean
      – Cottons: hard-wearing items made from cotton or linen
      – Shirts/Blouses: designed to allow immediate ironing or hanging up shirts/blouses after the program completes
      – Down Wear: clothing, bedspreads or eiderdowns stuffed with down
      – Delicates: items made from satin, synthetic or blended fabrics
      – Towels: hard wearing towels and dressing gowns made of cotton
      – Mixed: items made from cotton or blended fabrics
      – Super 40′: short program for synthetic fabrics and light cottons
      – Sportswear: sports and leisure items made from synthetic fibres, microfibre or fleece
      – Quilts: clothing, pillows, quilts or bedspreads filled with synthetic fibres
      – Easy Care: items made from synthetic or blended fabrics
      – Wool: Machine washable items made of wool
      – Timed Program Cold: manually set a custom time for loosening up or airing clothing that has hardly been worn
      – Timed Program Warm: manually set a custom time for drying slightly damp or multi layered thick items
    • Touch control option settings:
      – Easy Iron 120′: the drum moves the laundry at regular intervals for 120 minutes after drying to prevent creasing
      – Easy Iron 60′: the drum moves the laundry at regular intervals for 60 minutes after drying to prevent creasing
      – Child safety lock: prevent children from tampering with the program settings and turning on the appliance
      – Drying Target: set the desired dryness level: Cupboard Dry for regular items. Cupboard Dry Plus for thicker garments. Iron Dry for items that still need a to be a little damp after drying for ironing or hanging up
      – Drying Level: if you feel that the laundry is too damp when the drying program has ended you can adjust the drying level for future uses of the program to make the program run longer
      – Low Heat: reduce the drying temperature for delicate fabrics
      – Finished in (delayed start): you can delay the start of the program by up to 24 hours
      – Remote Start: allows you to start and control the appliance remotely via the Home Connect app
      – End Signal: activate or deactivate the audible signal at the end of the program
    • ActiveAir heat pump technology, existing heat is reused efficiently during the entire drying process
    • SelfCleaning Condenser: the condenser automatically cleans itself and does not require any manual cleaning. This also helps to ensure the dryer performs economically with optimal energy efficiency
    • Sensitive drying system: textile friendly drum design and SoftFlow paddles ensure soft, fluffy laundry and helps to reduce creasing
    • AntiVibration design: for greater stability and quietness
    • Large LED-Display for remaining time, 24 h end time delay and programme status indication, ability to turn on/off end of cycle – End Signal: activate or deactivate the audible signal at the end of the program
    • Large water condensation container: If there is no drain hose connected to the appliance the condensation water from the drying cycle will be stored in the condensation container
    • Glass door with 170 ° opening angle
    • Time delay to select end of time of your wash (1-24 hours) and time remaining indicator
    • Illuminated control dial with integrated power On/Off button
    • LED interior drum light bathes the inside of the drum in a brilliant white light when opened
    • Child safety control lock
    Technical Information
    • Dimensions (H x W x D): 84.2 cm x 59.8 cm x 59.9 cm (65.2 cm including door handle)
    • Operating noise level: 62 dB(A)

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