• AEG T8DHC846B 8Kg Heat Pump Dryer

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    8kg 8000 series SensiDry heat pump dryer with AbsoluteCare System, 7 energy star rating, ProSense, and Woolmark Blue accredited

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  • Description
    Precise protection for your clothesAbsoluteCare.png Programs in our unique AbsoluteCare System precisely control the movement and temperature of the drying drum. Woollens are kept flat against the drum to replicate flat drying. Outdoor garments are given just the right amount of heat to restore the full functionality of their waterproof membrane. Silks are held aloft in the cradle movement of the drum to protect from damage. Every fabric gets the right drum action and temperature to dry it completely whilst preserving their quality look and feel.
    The gentle way to care for woolThe gentlest possible way to care for wool The Woolmark Blue certification in drying will treat each item in the gentlest possible manner, meaning you can safely wash and dry all of your hand wash woollen garments.
    Care for all your fabricsCare for all your fabrics ProSense technology uses advance humidity and temperature sensors to adjust the drying time and energy consumption to suit individual loads whether its a days or a weeks worth of drying. This saves time and energy whilst gently protecting the clothes that you love and wear every day.
    Safe, low temperaturesSafe, low temperatures SensiDry heat pump technology dries with low temperatures and uses precise sensors to monitor the drying cycle. This ensures that fabrics are never subject to unnecessary heat meaning your clothes will keep the textures they had for longer.
    A single filter for high efficiencyA single filter for high efficiency AEG dryers come with an efficient, single filter that is easy to reach and clean. The streamlined airflow dries every load seamlessly and maintains the dryers effectiveness and energy efficiency.
    The gentle way to dry wool The Woolmark Blue certifies that the most delicate, hand wash safe, woollen garments can be tumble dried.
    ProSense auto sensing
    OKOFlow single filter system A single filter that is easy to reach and clean, maintaining drying effectiveness and the energy efficiency of your dryer.
    Outdoor Program A specialised outdoor program, which restores water protection to your outerwear, thanks to careful temperature control.
    Silk Program A specialised silk program where garments are held aloft in the cradle movement of the drum to ensure protection of your most delicate fabrics.
    ProTex Soft Drum Reverse tumbling action ensures better tumbling and airflow resulting in even drying and less creasing.
    Full reversible door Customise to your needs with four different handle positions.
    Auto Off function
    Inverter motor

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