• AEG LF6ES8431A 8Kg Washing Machine

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    8kg 6000 series front load washing machine with 1400 spin speed, ProSense, Woolmark Blue accredition, and ProSteam.

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  • Description
    Caring for clothes, saving water and energyCaring for clothes, saving water and energy ProSense technology intelligent sensors optimises and displays the estimated wash time within 30 seconds of starting the wash cycle. Whether it is a few shirts or your entire weekly laundry, the wash time, water and energy consumption adjust to ensure they are only washed for the exact amount of time required. This ensures that fabrics suffer less wear and tear, maintaining colour and texture.
    Keeps your clothes looking and feeling impeccableKeeps your clothes looking and feeling impeccable The steam refresh program enables you to refresh your garments without washing with detergent and water. This ensures less wear and tear on fibres so they can maintain their look and textures for longer.
    The gentle way to care for woolWool1.jpg The Woolmark Blue certification in both washing and drying will treat each item in the gentlest possible manner, meaning you can safely wash and dry all of your hand wash woollen garments.
    ProSense Automatically adjusts time and energy consumption to suit individual loads.
    Ultra quick program Washes 3kg in just 20 minutes
    OKOInverter Motor Similar to professional machines, the OKOInverter brushless inverter motor is quieter and can extend the working life of the motor whilst using less energy.
    Time Save Reduces your washing time up to 50% on certain programs for smaller loads saving you energy and time.
    Aqua Control System Automatically shuts off the water inlet if a leak is detected in the hose.
    XXL Door The new XXL glass door has a larger opening, which makes loading and unloading laundry seamless.
    Silk and wool program
    Anti-allergy program

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