• AEG BSK892330M

    5 Year Parts & Labour Warranty


    60cm SteamPro Steam Oven with SousVide function

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  • Description
    Master even the most complex flavours.Master even the most complex flavours. Every meal should be an experience. With that in mind we created the SteamPro oven with full steam. It has three cooking modes – heat, steam, and a combination of both. In the combination mode it will calculate exactly the right combination of heat and steam automatically. Whether you’re roasting or grilling meats, baking bread, creating delicate desserts or using the SousVide feature as seen in many professional restaurants around the world, you can be confident your cooking will be elevated to another level.
    Perfect amount of steam for every dishHumidity Sensor.png The advanced humidity sensor continuously measures and automatically adjusts temperature and moisture levels in the oven to suit the type of food you are cooking when using low, medium and high humidity cooking functions. As food generates its own humidity, and some more than others, it adjusts the amount of steam required in the cavity to deliver precisely the right amount of humidity. This not only leads to more efficient water usage, but ensures that every dish is cooked to perfection.
    SousVide in just 4 stepsSousVide.jpg Prepare, seal, cook and serve dishes with the ultimate control and perfect results every time. Even the most delicate food can be cooked to perfection using low temperature steam cooking from 95C to as low as 50C with 1C adjustability.
    Expect even results every time with SurroundCookSurround Cook.png Unlike standard ovens, the SurroundCook ovens advanced fan technology ensures that every part of your dish is getting exactly the heat it needs. Evenly. Consistently. Wherever its placed. Whether its one dish or several. No more turning dishes halfway through cooking. Just the results that meet your expectations. Every time.
    An Integrated SousVide cooking system Pair with the AEG PrecisionVac™ SousVide Vacuum Sealer Drawer for an integrated SousVide and steam cooking system.
    Touch on glass controls Touch on glass controls for ease of use & cleaning
    Humidity Sensor Measures and automatically adjusts temperature and moisture levels in the oven to suit the type of food you are cooking
    SenseCook food sensor
    Healthy steam cooking
    OptiFlex™ telescopic runners
    Steam Cleaning Program Simply remove the residue and water from the cavity at the end of the program.
    MaxiKlasse™ – Extra large internal oven cavity
    MaxiView™ enlarged window
    IsoFront™ – A genuine cooler door
    SoftMotion™ hinges
    FloodLight™ system
    Anti-fingerprint stainless steel
    Fully removable water drawer
  • Specifications



    Domestic warranty details (yrs) 5
    Type of Oven Single steam oven
    Oven fuel electric
    Materials/Colour anti-fingerprint stainless
    Controls of Oven command wheel
    Cooling fan Yes


    Product Dimension

    Total height (mm) 594
    Total width (mm) 595
    Total depth (mm) 567

    Flush fit cut out

    Flush fit cut out height (mm) 600
    Flush fit cut out width (mm) 600
    Flush fit cut out depth (mm) 580


    Gross capacity litres 77
    Useable capacity litres 70
    Oven function multifunction
    Number of functions 25
    Oven Functions traditional bake,grill,keep warm,defrost,fan bake,true fan,conventional cooking,bottom heat,slow cook,Regenerating/sterilising,true fan cooking,conventional cooking/tradional bake,slow cooking,sous vide cooking,yoghurt function,pizza setting/fan assisted,moist fan,true fan vertifan,bottom,grilling,turbo grilling,bread baking,browning/ au gratin,conventional cooking/traditional cooking,dough proving,drying,frozen foods,full steam,plate warming,preserving,humidity cooking high,humidity cooking medium,humidity cooking low,steam regenerating
    Timer functions Auto off ,Cook time,End time,Time of day,24 hour clock,favourite cooking programm
    Light wattage 65


    Connected load KW 3.2
    Type of connection hardwired

    Other Features

    Program Options defrost by time,defrost by sensor,cooking by weight,cooking by sensor,Fan cooking,Fan assist bake,Pizza,Grill,Keep warm,75 cooking recipes,10 sous vide cooking recipes
    Auto cook programs Yes
    Cleaning steam
    Door removable door,removable inner glass panes,IsoFront cool door
    Lights 2
    Light wattage 65
    Light position side and top
    Telescopic runners two
    Number of shelves 2
    Safety features isofront plus quadruple glazed door
    Included accessories dripping pan,cake tray,patissoire,set pan
    Layers of glass in door 4
    Number of shelf positions 5

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