• AEG BPK552220M SteamBake Pyroluxe™ Oven

    5 Year Parts & Labour Warranty


    60cm SteamBake Pyroluxe™ Oven with 10 functions, rotary knob and push button control, SoftMotion™ door closing and food temperature sensor.

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  • Description
    Add steam for crispier bakingBread.png The SteamBake button in this oven adds steam at the beginning of the baking process. The steam cooking keeps the dough moist on the surface to create a golden colour and tasty crust, while the centre stays soft and tender. In addition to baking crispy and tasty breads, muffins and pies – your roast chicken, grilled meats and lasagne will get equally delicious cooking results.
    Pyroluxe™ Self CleaningPyroLuxe.jpg The advanced self-cleaning function takes all the effort out of keeping your oven clean. By heating the oven to 500C, all food residue is turned to ash, which can then be simply wiped out with a damp cloth.
    Rare. Medium. Well done. At your command with SenseCookProbe.jpg Your personal sous chef. Use the Food Sensor to tell the oven how you want your dish cooked using just the words you would in a restaurant rare, medium, or well done. Without even opening the oven door, everything from tender joints of meat to molten chocolate fondants are controlled and mastered. At last, an oven that speaks your language.
    SoftMotion™ HingesSoft Closing Oven Door.png The AEG SoftMotion™ hinges remind the consumer of the quality of their oven every time they effortlessly open and close the door.
    MaxiView™ Enlarged Window The enlarged window on the door is 20% larger than previous models, so now you can see exactly whats happening throughout the entire cooking process.
    Pyroluxe™ Self Cleaning
    SoftMotion™ hinges
    SenseCook food sensor
    Anti-fingerprint stainless steel
    FloodLight™ system
    MaxiView™ enlarged window
    IsoFront™ – A genuine cooler door
    European A+ Class Energy Rating

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