• Sinks, Taps & Waste Disposal

    As one of your kitchens most used items, it is important to choose a sink and tap that best suit your kitchen and lifestyle. Brisbane Appliance Sales selects a range of taps, sinks and waste disposal units from the best in the business. Providing classic styling and sculptural interest whilst maintaining exceptional performance, Our range includes taps that deliver boiling, chilled and sparkling water on demand, as well as high quality sinks expertly manufactured for hard-wearing durability that deliver on style.

  • It’s true that the kitchen is the heart of the home. People gather for long periods of time to cook meals, enjoy family time, and even catch up on homework sometimes. That’s why it’s so important to incorporate the things you love into your kitchen, but even more important is that the things you love work each and every time you need them to. Whether you want a kitchen that is classical or modern, Brisbane Appliance Sales can help you achieve the look you are dreaming of for your kitchen sinks, taps, and more.

    The Kitchen Sink

    The kitchen sink is one of the most used items in the modern kitchen. It’s important that your kitchen sink and taps compliment the look and feel of your kitchen, as well as your home overall. If you are building a new home or renovating your current home, updating your kitchen sink and taps can be an easy way to change the look of your kitchen for a relatively inexpensive price. Brisbane Appliance Sales provides a wide range of classic styling and sculptural interest designs to choose from. All of our products offer exceptional performance and offer multiple options like delivering boiling water, chilled water, and offer hard-wearing durability all in a style that pleases even the most discerning homeowner.


    Extensive Range

    Brisbane Appliance Sales offers an excellent range of boiling and chilled filter taps. The ingenious design of these taps allows you to instantly dispense pure boiled water and cold drinking water. An enormously convenient addition to any kitchen, our boiling and chilled filter taps are available in a variety of beautiful designs and finishes. Imagine never having to wait for hot water again!

    With our extensive range, you’re certain to find a tap to suit your requirements. If you’re looking for a tap with excellent performance that also adds an element of elegance, look no further: Brisbane Appliance Sales has all the right options for your kitchen.

    Looking for even more options for your new or renovated kitchen? Consider installing a waste disposal system in your kitchen. Offering the best performing waste disposal systems on the market today, Brisbane Appliance Sales knows that you work hard in the kitchen, and you want appliances that work just as hard for you. You can install a waste disposal system right under your sink, which allows you to guide food scraps down the drain where they can be ground into fine particles which are easily and safely flushed into your sewage system. Waste disposal systems are environmentally friendly, responsible options for reducing waste in landfills.


  • Upgrade Your Kitchen

    When it comes time to upgrade your kitchen sink, consider investing in a sink that will enhance the look and feel of your kitchen, as well as provide a valuable function to your space. Our kitchen sinks are crafted from the finest materials from around the world, and they provide long-lasting durability in styles that deliver despite modern demands on them. If you’ve been dreaming of a new kitchen, don’t overlook the importance of the kitchen sink’s design and function. Modern sinks offer one, two or even three bowls, and if you do a lot of cooking and preparing meals, you’ll want to consider add-ons like waste disposal and more. In addition, the comfort of your kitchen sink should not be overlooked: ergonomic sinks can reduce back stress and help make it easier to get tasks done in the kitchen.

    You’ll need a new set of taps to complement your new kitchen sink, too. You’ll find a huge selection of modern and classic kitchen taps to suit every taste and need at Brisbane Appliance Sales. Our selection of kitchen sink taps ranges from basic models through to the ultimate in designer sophistication. Manufactured using the best quality materials, our taps are built to provide years of lasting enjoyment. We are also pleased to offer laundry sinks and taps to complete your to-do list in the home.

    No matter how crowded or busy your kitchen gets, Brisbane Appliance Sales has everything you need to turn your kitchen into the heart of the home and make it run just as smoothly as you hoped it would.

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