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Benefits of the Range Hood

Range hoods are an essential part of a kitchen. They have loads of benefits, including preserving the look of your kitchen and getting rid of lingering smells from cooking. Brisbane Appliances offer range hoods that suit your kitchen’s style.

Cleans and Vents the Air

This is the biggest reason why you should have a range hood in your kitchen. As you cook, the smoke and grease travel through your kitchen. Smells also fill the kitchen and while they may smell great at first, they don’t after a while, especially if you are cooking fish or with garlic! Simply turn on the range hood to provide proper ventilation and to clean the air.

The smoke and steam that comes off the cooker can also be problematic. If can provide an uncomfortable cooking area, steam up your windows and can irritate existing breathing difficulties.

Built-in Lighting

Hoods add extra light to the cooking area. Illuminate your kitchen further and see what you are cooking better. Some foods require good lighting so you can keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t burn, like gravies and sauces. You’ll also be able to read thermometers better and overall have an improved cooking area.

Removes Heat

They say if you can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen, but we prefer to get the heat out, which is what range hoods do. You don’t need to be sweating over your meal!
Excess heat is also not good for some dishes. Hot kitchens can make bread rise too fast and overstretch. It destroys the texture. It will make it difficult to cool down any baking whilst applying icing as well.

Adds Style to the Kitchen

Range hoods add another piece of the kitchen that stands out, so go for one that adds something to your existing appliances. It completes the look of the room. A kitchen that is rounded off with a complementary range hood can add property value.

Range Hood Styles

Canopy Range Hood

These are the large, exposed hoods. No cabinets hide the upper part of the hood. They make a style statement in your kitchen and show people that some serious cooking takes place in this kitchen! The metal adds a modern industrial look to the kitchen. Choose the size and style that fits your kitchen.

Concealed Range Hood

These are hidden range hoods where cabinets above the stovetop. This is for a more modern style. This is an ideal style for those who don’t want to make a statement with their oven or cooktop. They are smaller than a canopy rangehood, and create that ideal minimalist, clean look.


Not sure you found what you have in mind? Brisbane Appliances can offer a custom solution that suits your kitchen needs. The hood may also be installed in your outdoor cooking area. If you need a special size or style, we would be happy to help.

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