• Gas Oven

    Sourced from the finest brands, our cooking range provides the functionality, durability and performance demanded by professional and passionate home chefs alike.

    A gas stove is a great investment for anyone who appreciates fine dining. Some of the best cooking conditions for roasts, casseroles and stews can be generated by a gas oven. The main benefit is that gas ovens produce a moist heat which is perfect for cooking succulent roasts. What’s more, gas ovens take less time to preheat, which is ideal for time-poor cooks.

    Gas ovens and cooktops of standard and larger sizes can be found within our fully functional Newmarket showroom.

    Contact us or visit us instore for assistance in selecting your gas oven. With over 50 leading brands in kitchen appliances, we have a premium selection of the worlds finest ovens for you to select and offer free instore cooking demonstrations weekly, Book your seat now.

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