Why shouldn’t you be able to see exactly how well your new appliance will work before it’s in your home?
Well at Brisbane Appliance Sales you can. We’re passionate about our products which is why we encourage you to take our appliances for a taste drive in our fully functional showroom.

Hosted by our leading appliance brands, including AEG, ASKO, BORA, MIELE, NEFF and SMEG
We provide sessions frequently
throughout the week to correspond with new developments and trends.
Seats are limited, and bookings are essential to ensure we can provide the best and most detailed training to you.

What Should You Expect from a Cooking


Our Cooking demonstrations are held in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Our experts are highly trained and will show you how to create the tasty foods you’ll want to replicate at home. Each presentation is free of charge and each person is allowed to make two bookings.

As food-tasting is a part of the experience, we recommend contacting us prior to the class to let us know of any dietary requirements or food allergies you may have. We try to be accommodating. 

Why Cooking Demonstrations are Important

Attending a cooking presentation allows you to see the equipment you are considering being used by an experienced professional. You’ll learn the proper way to use the appliance, as well as have the opportunity to ask further questions that would apply to your style of cooking. 

You’ll be able to gauge how long it takes to prep and prepare your food and try it out for yourself before making the decision on whether or not you should purchase the appliance. 

Cooking presentations are designed to show you an overview of every feature of a device so that you will feel confident using it in your own home. 


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