• Schweigen produces Australia’s most efficient silent exhaust systems, delivering rangehoods and canopies with full suction while eliminating almost all the sound. This revolutionary solution starts with the IsoDrive German fan and motor assembly, acknowledged as the quietest and most efficient high-powered domestic extraction unit available. This assembly is positioned outside the home in a weather-proof shroud, using an acoustic ducting system to minimise noise levels, so that the little noise it generates vents to the atmosphere to be overwhelmed by the natural ambient noise of the outside world.

    This unique design makes Schweigen’s series of rangehoods a popular choice among Australians. The sleek and smooth rangehoods are built without all the normal nooks and crannies, and are available in a variety of styles and colours to suit any kitchen’s décor. Schweigen rangehoods are available in undermount, wall and island models, meaning that you’ll always be able to find a model to fit your kitchen setup.

    Schweigen Rangehoods

    Schweigen rangehoods are amongst the most energy efficient on the market, costing less to run than the average light globe. The highly-efficient Isodrive Motor is able to generate a lot of useable power due to being positioned on the roof, meaning that it never has to push air up, against gravity, to remove it from your home. This lets the rangehood concentrate all of its power on its primary purpose: removing large volumes of cooking steam, smoke, grease and odours from your kitchen, using commercial-grade filters that are normally found only in restaurants to keep your kitchen air clean.

  • The Schweigen brand is focused on improving the environment outside your kitchen as well as improving conditions inside it. It’s no coincidence that ‘Schweigen’ is the German word for ‘silent’ One of the most common complaints seen for most rangehoods is the excessive noise they make while operating, so it’s refreshing to see Schweigen offering a simple and elegant solution while providing a powerful and effective appliance.


    Schweigen’s rangehoods are efficient as well as useful, using several different systems to minimize energy usage, helping to keep the planet and your power bills healthy. Installing one of the several models of Schweigen rangehood available, including undermount, wall, and island models, means a cleaner and quieter kitchen that creates an ideal environment for cooking.

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