• QASAIR understands that Australians experience a huge range of cuisine right in their own kitchens, particularly with the open entertainment environment becoming so predominant in Australian homes, and that it’s imperative for all heat and odours to be removed from the kitchen.

    Widely recognised as a leader in kitchen ventilation throughout Australia, QASAIR ventilation systems are manufactured by Condari Pty Ltd at their factory in Ringwood, Victoria, to work efficiently and effectively in Australian kitchens.

    QASAIR rangehoods are designed to remove the by-products of cooking, so you can prepare and serve the most exotic dishes without filling the house with unpleasant heat, steam, grease and odours. All meats will be able to be barbecued inside without hassle, so steak, sausages, chops, fish and chicken fillets can be cooked to perfection. Combining contemporary design with advanced technology, QASAIR sets the standard for innovation, taking Italian engineering and flair while maintaining performance and quality.

    QASAIR brings a professional standard of extraction to the Australian home, with its models offering the performance required to maintain a safe and hygienic kitchen environment no matter what’s being prepared. What’s more, they come in such a variety of styles that they’ll smoothly integrate into your kitchen without appearing out of place.



  • The premium quality, flexibility in design and exceptional effectiveness of the product sees that Qasair and Condor Rangehoods are a regular feature of award winning homes and developments around Australia and beyond. Being made locally, Condari has the unique ability to manufacture custom-designed rangehoods catering to almost any design requirement.

    Condari is committed to maintaining Qasair and Condor Rangehoods’ exceptional level of functionality whilst continually reducing noise levels and maintaining its position at the forefront of design. Condari is proud to be supporting local jobs, being the only wholly Australian owned and manufactured rangehood on the market.

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