• Oliveri Sonetto package

    Purchase Oliveri Sonetto & Essente tap pack for $999

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  • Oliveri August offer

    Oliveri Bonus Gift

    Bonus coloured waste baskets with selected sinkware

    Purchase an Oliveri Santorini sink and coloured Vilo or Essente tap during the promotional period and receive a bonus gold, copper, gunmetal or black waste basket via redemption

    • Offer Starts: 1st August 2022
    • Offer Ends: 31st August 2022
    • Redemption Cut-Off: 30th September 2022


  • The Oliveri sink and tapware range has been created to enhance and complement the other appliances in your kitchen. Their clever use of custom accessories transforms your Oliveri sink into a total food-processing centre, without ever sacrificing your valuable bench space. If it’s not an Oliveri, it’s a compromise.

    In late 2007, Tasman Sinkware became Australia’s only sink manufacturer, with Oliveri its premium brand. Oliveri sinks are of the highest quality, engineered to world standards, and are sold in New Zealand, the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK.

    While many sink manufacturers will proudly list their heritage, only Oliveri can lay claim to being Australia’s sole commercial sink manufacturer. Oliveri manufacturing plants in Australia bring home the idea that sourcing locally does the earth and your pocketbook a world of good. Oliveri sinks are produced according to stringent safety conditions and environmental regulations, with the company’s stainless steel being 100% recyclable, along with most of its packaging.

  • Oliveri brings back the concept of the “kitchen working triangle” that comprises the sink, stove and fridge, with its sinks designed with a versatility that ensures the utmost in utility while creating a functional kitchen that’s appealing to the eye.

    Oliveri sinks come with a wealth of features and options, including a range of accessories and add-ons. Constructed to fit into the standard 600mm benchtop, Oliveri offers both wider bowl and bowl-only sinks. Made of highest quality stainless steel, Oliveri sinks are hygienic and easy to clean, with a remarkably long life.

    The range of accessories that fit onto Oliveri sinks make them one of the most valuable points of the kitchen working triangle. Fitted trays and cutting boards make your Oliveri sink just as important as your benchtop when it comes to food preparation, and at the same time make the entire kitchen easier to clean. Our customers don’t just love the accessories though – the stainless-steel sinks themselves are easy to keep clean and perfectly suited to all manner of kitchens. A range of taps and mixers are also available from Oliveri to go with any of their sinks.

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