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    50% OFFER

    Purchase an ILVE Professional PLUS, Nostalgie or Majestic Series Cooker & Receive 50% OFF an accompanying range hood*

    Available range hoods are: AG, AM, X400, T29 and VAPORE Series Hoods

    Offer ends 29th November 2021

    Purchase an ILVE 600SPYTC OR 760SPYTC OR 900STCP paired with either an ILCS45 OR ILCM45 and receive $500 cashback*

    Offer ends 29th November 2021
  • Ilve’s dedication to product research has seen it revolutionise cooking in the household by introducing the Teppanyaki method, while its design team has hand-crafted the Nostalgie & Quadra styles to enhance your kitchen concept. Each of Ilve’s ovens is hand-assembled by a single master craftsman from the finest materials, making every piece a work of culinary art.

    Ilve’s line of built-in ovens includes steam ovens, microwaves and a specialised pizza oven that cooks pizza to perfection in as little as three minutes. Ilve also manufactures a wide range of stylish freestanding ovens in different styles to suit any kitchen décor, along with a range of stovetops. These are matched with Ilve rangehoods, which feature one of the most powerful extraction rates available in the consumer market, stainless steel construction and stainless steel filters. The Ilve range of dishwashers features impressive capacity and is available in built-in, semi-integrated or fully-integrated styles, to give you a beautiful appliance that completes your integrated kitchen. Both the freestanding and built-in Ilve coffee machines are among the most advanced fully-automatic and manual coffee machines on the market, capable of introducing a different pre-ground or de-caffeinated coffee for each individual shot.

  • With a tradition of continuous technological research, and relentless innovation, Ilve is dedicated to bringing its unique brand of Italian hand-craftsmanship to the passionate home and professional cooks of Australia. It’s fair to say that Italy is well-known for its passions, and if the appliances from Ilve are any indication, the company is not only passionate about the appearance of its products, but their craftsmanship and performance.

    Whether you’re looking for something in a more modern or more traditional style, the quality of ILVE’s appliances means that you can count on their results in the kitchen. Making use of a well-crafted appliance lets you create the finest of dishes, and the range of accessories Ilve has on offer will satisfy even a professional chef with their versatility.

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