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  • In a relative short amount of time, Gessi has revolutionized a market dominated by long-established brands through the invention of a new standard for taps and plumbing fixtures and a marketing model that has earned the respect and appreciation of the international community.

    Today, Gessi stands out as an undisputedly original and innovative market leader for the cutting edge design of its products and the originality of its communication campaigns and initiatives. Forward thinking vision and unconventionally are the distinctive features of Gessi’s creativity and business approach and underpin its success story. A late entry into the market, Gessi has rapidly climbed up the national ranks in the business and now leads the Italian taps industry in terms of turnover and innovation. Uncompromising, invariably provocative and forward thinking are the key qualities of Gessi’s designs reinterpreting the class that has always made the difference of Italian products worldwide. Gessi’s commitment to accuracy in design is not an end in itself. Its products are ambitiously intended to create a lifestyle and improve people’s wellbeing. Making life more pleasant and enjoyable is part of the company’s mission.

    An innovative spirit, the courage to dare and defy the rules this is how Gessi can be defined in a nutshell. Its success started with the revolutionary idea of transforming taps from traditional valves into glamorous furnishing objects with sophisticated forms and functions. With Griffe of 1992, Gessi launched its concept of a ‘designer tap’ while soon after ‘Diverso’(Italian for different) evoked a change in its very name: Gessi had started to shed a new light on taps, turning them into items intended to significantly improve the style of home interiors.

    Gessi has designed and manufactured exclusive bathroom and kitchen faucets and fittings since 1992. Gessi is a genuinely Italian company. Differently from the now common habit to relocate production units abroad, all production processes – including design, production and communication activities are carried out internally, in a large manufacturing park by specialized staff. These activities include graphics and movie production, and the design and crafting of the Company’s glamorous product displayers and showroom furnishings. All of this is intended to ensure the ever uncompromising quality of the ‘Gessi experience’ which is centred on products as well as the emotions they create.



In developing any of its designs and projects, Gessi has always sought for an impressive aesthetic impact as well as for technically well-balanced and environmentally friendly solutions. This has often implied quite unusual technical choices and practices decisively departing from the mainstream. Such attentive care springs from a business philosophy inspired by well-rooted ethical awareness.

Over the years, the Company’s formal and technological research efforts have targeted the highest aesthetic profile in design, the optimization of energy and water consumption and the removal of any pollutants from the production process. In so doing, the environmental impact of every product has been minimized both at production level and in its final use.

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