• guided by the principles of design, innovation and technology.

  • The result is a collection of kitchen appliances that stand out in terms of their unique practical advantages, the quality of their materials and workmanship, and the simple beauty of their functional design. Gaggenau makes no compromises to attain the greatest possible perfection, with the features and appearance of its appliances being guided by the experiences and demands of professionals at all times.

    A Gaggenau oven is a central element of a kitchen and lives up to the highest standards. Combi-steam ovens are also available, using pressureless steam as one of the healthiest cooking methods to retain the vitamins, minerals, consistency and colour of food. Warming drawers can be added to not only warm plates, but brown roasts, get pastries to rise or keep soups warm. Options exist for ceramic, gas or induction cooktops, so you can cook the way you prefer.

    With kitchens often integrated into the living area, efficient ventilation systems are more important than ever. However, aesthetics and atmosphere don’t take a backseat to functionality when using a Gaggenau rangehood. Other Gaggenau innovations include the integrated coffee bar, which includes a milk frother and grinder to provide the freshest taste, and its professional dishwashers, which are energy-saving, effective and, above all, quiet.


Crafted by hand in a process to create objects of timeless beauty which, at the same time, are endlessly robust, the difference is Gaggenau. Gaggenau appliances offer some of the most modern designs available, meaning they can turn any kitchen into a state-of-the-art culinary destination. The exacting quality used by Gaggenau in the manufacturing of its diverse range of appliances means a more sophisticated kitchen experience for you with the help of hard-working technology.

If you’re planning to design a kitchen that uses contemporary styling and convenient, feature-packed appliances to create a modern living and working space, then Gaggenau’s products are worth considering. You’ll be able to remain confident that their European quality will deliver consistent results for as long as you need.

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