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    Bosch is a leading brand of German-engineered home appliances designed to bring exceptional quality into your home. Bosch’s product range includes cooking, dishwashing, laundry, floorcare and kitchen products all designed to make your everyday life easier.

    Bosch front load washing machines with the VarioDrum are gentle on your clothes, tailored programs such as Delicates, Cottons, Sportswear and Wool ensure that your linens and garments are taken care of in the right manner resulting in a perfect wash for each laundry item in your laundry basket. The Bosch EcoSilence Drive® brushless motor is powerful and durable, while being so quiet you can sleep right through your wash cycle, especially when using the Night wash program.

    Bosch dryers available as Vented, Condenser and Heat Pump all feature AutoDry sensors that monitor the drying process to ensure your laundry is dried precisely to the right setting, without overheating. ActiveAir technology in Bosch Heat Pump dryers efficiently re-uses hot air throughout the entire drying process saving up to half the energy usage, models with this feature boast a 7 Star Energy Rating.

  • Dishwashing
    Did you know that a Bosch ActiveWater™ dishwasher can save up to 12,000 litres of water and half the energy when compared to hand washing*? Enhance your lifestyle and living space with a Bosch dishwasher. We have freestanding, built-under, semi-integrated, fully-integrated, slimline and modular designs to fit any kitchen.

    Bosch dishwashers have the latest in technological innovations including sound insulation, targeted spray jets, unique to Bosch DosageAssist™ detergent dispensing system, EcoSilence Drive® brushless motor for quiet operation and top performance when it comes to cleaning your dishes.

    Create your favourite dishes with a Bosch Kitchen. Bosch ovens make cooking and cleaning easy with a range of cooking methods for different dishes, sensor technology such as PerfectBake™ and PerfectRoast, Bosch Assist recipe collection and automatic programs, temperature control, SoftClose oven door, telescopic rails and more. Choose from models with Pyrolytic self-cleaning, EcoClean Direct coating or EcoClean liners all ensuring that cleaning your oven is easier than it has ever been before.

  • Whether you love cooking with fire or prefer the speed and versatility of Induction, Bosch offers a range of induction, ceramic and gas cooktops in various sizes, number of zones and features to make your time spent in the kitchen as enjoyable as possible. The premium FlexInduction features even heating across the entire FlexZone surface allowing two zones to be merged into one large induction surface – this means you can use multiple pots and pans or try different accessories from Teppan Yaki to a Griddle plate.

    To ensure your kitchen remains smelling fresh, Bosch also offers a range of ventilation options from Canopy wall-mounted to slide-out or integrated rangehoods featuring various power settings and extraction rates, dishwasher safe metal grease filters and in selected models EcoSilence Drive® brushless motor for even quieter operation.


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