• Enjoy filtered cold water and instant boiling water on tap with a Billi water system.

    Billi has been perfecting the design of its filtered water systems since its launch in the early 1990s, and is committed to providing excellence and quality. Billi taps are stylishly-designed to look beautiful inside any modern kitchen.

    A Billi system typically uses less energy than a kettle, which is great for both the environment and your power bills. A Billi filtered water system is an environmentally-friendly alternative to buying bottled water, and all the individual parts of your Billi system can be recycled at the end of its long lifespan.

    Having set the standard, Billi continues to innovate, keeping its design imperatives in pace with modern building techniques and contemporary interior concepts. Distinctive Billi water systems now include safety features such as splash-free boiling water delivery and hygienic hands-free sensor taps. Billi’s sub-micron filtration ensures the highest quality of drinking water is always available for you and your family.


Perfect for your home or for the office, a Billi water system will make a convenient, economical, and stylish addition to your kitchen.

Who doesn’t like a good drink of water? Adding a Billi system to your home or office makes getting this drink an even better experience. You won’t need to keep chilled water bottles in the fridge when a Billi tap is around, and not having to wait for a kettle to boil is an amazing convenience for tea and coffee addicts. You can install a Billi tap pretty much anywhere you want in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry, even in places where you don’t have a sink handy thanks to the handy font accessory.

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