Billi July 2022 Cashback


  • 50$ cash back applies to: 911000RCH, 911000RBR, 911000RMB, 911000RMW, 911000RRG, 911000RBRG, 911000RUB, 911000RGM, 911000RPL, 911000SCH, 911000SBR, 911000SMB, 911000SMW, 911000SRG, 911000SBRG, 911000SUB, 911000SGM, 911000SPL.
  • 100$ cash back applies to: 913000RCH, 913000RBR, 913000RMB, 913000RMW, 913000RRG, 913000RBRG, 913000RUB, 913000RGM, 913000RPL, 913000SCH, 913000SBR, 913000SMB, 913000SMW, 913000SRG, 913000SBRG, 913000SUB, 913000SGM, 913000SPL, 913100DCH, 913100DBR, 913100DMB, 914000LCH, 914000LBR, 914000LMB, 914000LMW, 914000LRG, 914000LBRG, 914000LUB, 914000LGM, 914000LPL, 914000TCH, 914000TBR, 914000TMB, 914000TMW, 914000TRG.
  • 250$ cash back applies to: 915000LCH, 915000LBR, 915000LMB, 915000LMW, 915000LRG, 915000LBRG, 915000LUB, 915000LGM, 915000LPL, 915100LCH, 915100LBR, 915100LMB, 915100LMW, 915100LRG, 915100LBRG, 915100LUB, 915100LGM, 915100LPL.

Exclusive offer valid from 1st July 2022 – 31st July 2022
Redemption period closes on 31st August 2022

Enjoy filtered cold water and instant boiling water on tap with a Billi water system. Perfect for your home or for the office, a Billi water system will make a convenient, economical, and stylish addition to your kitchen.

Who doesn’t like a good drink of water? Adding a Billi system to your home or office makes getting this drink an even better experience. You won’t need to keep chilled water bottles in the fridge when a Billi tap is around, and not having to wait for a kettle to boil is an amazing convenience for tea and coffee addicts. You can install a Billi tap pretty much anywhere you want in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry, even in places where you don’t have a sink handy thanks to the handy font accessory.

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